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Hello, We are the Sansburys

This community has been our home for our entire lives! We both grew up here, ventured away from home for college and then returned.  There is just something special about Spartanburg. 


We met back in 2011 while working at another local restaurant. We began traveling and discovering together that there was an entire movement dedicated to serving delicious local food. We wanted to see this happen in our own town and decided the best way to achieve this was by opening our own restaurant. Thus The Farmers Table was born. 


In March of 2012 we opened our doors in a small building with little thought that we would ever be more than a tiny sandwich shop. Little did we know that this community would embrace us with open arms and support us for years and years. Shortly after we opened we were married at Glendale Shoals Preserve. A place that is still very special to us. 


We continued to dedicate ourselves to the business and to seeing it grow. We began partnerships with several local schools and expanded within the first two years. We also purchased a food truck so that we could service our guests on the go, all around town. 


In 2014 we began a family of our own. Our son Solomon was born in the fall of that year. As most parents will know our world as we knew it shifted. In the early days Solomon could be found at the restaurant experiencing everything right alongside us. In 2017 we added another member of the family with the birth of our daughter Leanna. Juggling two kids and multiple businesses became the way of life. 


In 2018 we made our move to downtown Spartanburg. We had vastly outgrown our first location and knew we needed to expand. In the heart of downtown felt like the right location for us to continue to grow.


Now, here we are in 2020 and man does the world look different. Our restaurant has been closed since March of this year. We were beyond thankful to have the food truck when the pandemic hit as we were able to continue serving our guests while they were trapped at home.


While simultaneously we began a new partnership with Spartanburg Day School, where our children are students.


Through all the changes and challenges life has thrown at us we have always stayed united as a family. Continuing to persevere in hardship and learn from mistakes. 


Our hope is to be able to reopen the restaurant in the upcoming year once we are on the other side of this pandemic. We hope that you will continue to support our family and our business as we move forward. 


Please browse our site to see all the new and creative ways we can serve you. As always You are why we do what we do. Thank you for being a part of our Farmers Table family. 



The Sansbury Family 

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